The best brand: Tempurpedic takes the place

Although the list is long, here we are at the end of our selection of the top 5 mattress brands. For better comfort and for hours of quiet sleep, you need a good mattress to sit comfortably. This small selection that has allowed you to find the best brand of mattress is not a comparison, but only selective tempurpedic reviews to guide you in your choice.

Tempurpedic: The only certified brand

Founded in 1980, Tempurpedic is the only brand in mattress manufacturing that has received NASA certification. As a guarantor of bedding technology, the American company is also a better mattress brand more specialized in manufacturing foam mattresses. It is therefore the only repository of the technique of manufacturing the mattresses because of its shape. Thermal viscoelastic shape memory bedding has the ability to provide you with greater comfort. This brand remains a real revolution in the world sphere.

Bultex: high strength foam mattresses

What better brand of mattress to buy the Bultex brand is specialized in the manufacture of foam mattresses of high strength? Its bedding is equipped with several cells able to compress and return to their original shape. Made to relieve the sensitive parts of your body and offer you optimal rest.

Dunlop: The brand of latex

Dunlop is also one of the best mattress brands, and it is she who invented the latex mattress. It offers natural latex mattresses that give you a better comfort. Dunlop with its latex mattresses gives you real comfort during your naps. In fact, the brand offers synthetic latex or natural latex bedding and is unbeatable in this area that is particular.

Merinos: Cross System mattress

This product at the forefront of technology ensures well-being and peaceful moments of rest. The firm has also diversified its types of mattresses and therefore offers pocket spring materials. With its exclusive technology, the Cross System, Merinos ensures a better sleeping with its mattress spring, whose surface is well equipped.

Hypnia: memory foam mattresses

Now look at Hypnia, which is also a better mattress brand. It offers memory foam mattresses for a better nap. Although it was released just two and a half years ago, the Toulouse firm has become a master in the sale of mattresses. Its mattresses come in an attractive design and provide a pleasant sensation and a fabulous nap.